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Do you enjoy being original – simply one of a kind? Then you’ve come to the right site.

Until now, the market for functional corrective glasses has had a gaping hole. We are the first and only company to bridge this gap in the market by giving you the chance to purchase something entirely unique. We are offering PINCE-NEZ SPECTACLES, krecognized throughout the world, and in a quality unmatched by anyone else. We are following on the tradition of master filigree makers from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, whose craft like many others has disappeared through the cracks of history. Dispense with any thoughts about mass production and uniformity; instead, treat yourself and try something with a really individual flavour. Become the proud owner of unique pair of pince-nez spectacles, bespoke made especially to embody your own ideas.

Historically, pince-nez for everyday use were not manufactured from precious metals such as gold (which guarantees the strength of the mechanism), since the aim was to ensure mass-market availability. This is where we differ. We manufacture replicas of these earlier pince-nez spectacles, but we make them from gold. We also have innovated new designs and shapes for mechanisms and lenses which ensure today’s high standards for correcting eye defects – although the original principles underlying the mechanism remain unchanged. We divide our products into two basic categories: women’s and men’s pince-nez. The men’s glasses are distinguished by their simplicity and sobriety of design; they are not usually decorated with gemstones. In contrast, women’s pince-nez are designed both as an accessory to be worn out on social occasions, as well as a functional item of jewellery into whose mechanism have been worked gemstones – according to the customer’s wishes. Our pince-nez thus combine high-purity metals, gemstones, skilled manual work and high-quality lenses. Lenses can either be corrective or simply cosmetic – to present a certain image in a social setting.

The metal we use in our mechanism is exclusively white gold or gold , either with a brilliant or matt finish and rhodium surface treatment. We guarantee that all parts of the mechanism are made of gold, even the springs and screws! Every product is absolutely unique, and has been given its own serial number and hallmark. In addition, every pince-nez comes with a certificate, stating the weight of the gold mechanism, its purity, and the type of lenses fitted. Because we supply lenses from leading global manufacturers (after consulting the customer’s requirements), there should be no problem if your lenses are damaged somewhere abroad. Every optician should be able fix such problems.

Currently we are offering a basic collection of men’s pince-nez and a basic collection of women’s pince-nez. The individual items of both collections can also be combined as you wish – simply by choosing the design, colour of metal, type of lens and gemstones. Every pair is delivered in an original and unique case, which is also a fine demonstration of the quality of our handiwork.

This product is custom-made in the Czech Republic.